Due to Village Hall refurbishments talks will continue on Zoom until further notice.

Next talk on Zoom is:

James Wolfe: A House, a Battle and a Painting

Thursday, June 17th @8pm – 9pm, on Zoom

Speaker: Alan Carter

In leafy Westerham on the Kent and Surrey border lies the first house to be donated to the National Trust via a Will. It is a substantial old house that has stood for nearly 500 years, not large but sturdy, and over the centuries has undergone many changes. Its importance dates from a brief period in the 18th century when it was the childhood home of Major General James Wolfe who, at the age of 32, won a battle that changed the world but in which, tragically, he lost his life. So important was this victory that just before the First World War a wealthy Canadian was prepared to buy the house and gift it to the people of Canada. What happened, how the property ended up belonging to the National Trust and why Wolfe was deemed to be so important will be the subject of this talk.

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